.:: Clan Rules ::.



1. Common Rules.

1.1. "Koalicia" Clan is a freewill organization. Any clan member has a right to retire, after informing of that decision other clan members.
1.2. The legislative and executive power is laid on the Clan Council (CK), which consists of the clan's most honored members.
1.3. All controversial questions are solved by CK.
1.4. All questions are solved by CK voting, while the most important questions are solved by common voting.
1.5. Question may be posted by any group of clan members (not less than 3) to put to the vote.
1.6. CK may accept barbarian warriors to the clan and fire clan members that do not fulfill clan duties.

2. Rights and duties of clan warriors.

After joining the clan each clan member has the following rights and duties:

2.1. Carry clan ID like [k] or [koalicia].
2.2. Present clan in battles with barbarians and other clans.
2.3. Each warrior has a right to have vacation (vacation length may vary from time to time).
2.4. Once in a month each warrior has a right to challenge any clan member that is not on vacations.
2.5. The challenged warrior must fix the date and time of battle within a 3 weeks period.
2.6. Each warrior has a right to voice his views, ideas and make propositions as well as vote if common vote is needed.

3. Accepting and fireing from clan.

3.1. Any "General" player can be accepted which has access to Internet and has enough time to play at least once a week.
3.2. Clan Council decides who is to be accepted in clan.
3.3. Warrior may be fired from clan by Clan Council for violation of clan rules and for incorrect behavior that shames clan.
3.4. Depending on the results of the gaming season (2 month), members occupying place 11 or lower may also be fired from clan for other candidates to join (done by CK voting).
3.5. Most honored clan warriors may be granted with "immortal" status, which cancels paragraph 3.4.
3.6. "Immortals" nick must be marked with different color.


Lucifer - immortal [koalicia]

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