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Intenet gameing strategy.

   Internet gameing may be separated to four types: Alliance, Duel, Free-for-all and Team-play. Here are some recomdations for the games.


   Alliance - way of game when players play against computer kingdoms.After destroying computer kingdoms players fight against each other.Beginners better play alliance games.

   Main peculiarity in alliance game is that you know which countries are human players.


1. Try to have at least 50% of the map to the end of the game and have not less population than opponent.

2. Develope sience.For 20 countries play not less than 300 are needed. In the beginning develope science agricultures and finance.Buy general with speed 3 and attestate 4 (2-20 years) and teach them. You'll need him if you will have to fight early then you may bye general with 5-3 charasteristics.Better have enough money to bye 1-2 fast generals.To 30-40 years bye few 25 years old generals with speed 100. Learn them to 11 and you may attack. Since 25-30 begin to develope Military training and Population growth.Others when possible.

3. To attacks weak enemy better use fast generals - so you will conquer more land.If enemy is strong better send smart general to destroy the defence then use fast to smash he country.

4. One year before destroying last computer fire all scientists - you will have more money for soldiers.


   Game for professionals. Nobody knows nothing nobody says nothing.Everything is top secret.All enemyes try to camouflage their country and try to detect enemy countries.Point is to destroy enemy before you are.It isn't necessary to destroy all computers more important is to destroy human.Who lives last wins the duel.It's hard to advice something but there are few signs to detect enemy player:

1. Population growth in the beginning is stabile (50%);

2. Country wich was attacked didn't strike back for 2 year and didn't attacked somewhere else (60-75%);

3. Noticable territory growth says about country having big army or fast general(60%);

4. Pacifizm of some country - it's 30th year and it had never been in war(95%);

5. Unusual general name like - Destroyer(100%).


   Type of game where 3 or more players play.Each player plays for himself with no unions.It's harder to win here than in previous games because if other palyers unite against one human player... If there are computer players use detect signs shown in part II.


   Team play is a team playing game.Two teams beat each other.Game is played before only one team members are left - the winner team.In team play main thing is to compose your actions.


Good luck everyone on battlefields - you'll need it :)

Lucifer [koalicia]

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