.:: Declare Duel To Clan ::.



Clan to Clan war rules:

1. Two or more clans play.
2. Quantity of each clan warriors are previously arranged.
3. Chat of "General" game is not censored. Anything can be said except abusive words.
4. Game is continued before only one clan players are left.
5. For victory clan gets Scalp(s) of enemie(s) (Depending on number of players).
6. Number of scalps is registered on current site (game date, clans name, players nicks, game result).

Rules made by Lucifer [koalicia].

At start all players have Full Heads.

    Suck icon clans get for each "killed" player.

For each lost game players get Empty Head.

    Write email to Niger, show there: your clan name; number of players, which will part in duel   and their nicks; date when you are planning to play and wait for answer.
    Note: After nickname show clan name in quotation marks.


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